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The Work Rights App

The Work Rights App is about unfair dismissal, discrimination law and your rights as an employee - in the palm of your hand.

It is a new initiative in bringing legal information to the masses.

It is provided by the Employment Team of 36 Bedford Row.

Note: The information is limited to England and Wales only!

Its' aim is to empower employees for free with tailored information, based on your answers, given to questions asked to you in the app that will then give you information tailored to your needs.

Saving you the time of having to research things yourself, the App can tell you many of your rights in ten minutes. So over your lunch break, find out your rights and the position without waiting to see a citizen's right bureau advisor, without having to pay for a solicitor or research the situation yourself on a work computer.

And best of all, it's FREE!

This is what it looks like:


Work Rights App


The App will give you definitions around key words and phrases that helps you understand all the legal terminology and jargon used.

As you can see, the word 'employee' is defined and if you click on it you will get the definition (see below).


Work Rights App


The App allows you to input answers according to your situation that allows a bespoke user experience:


Work Rights App


What you will get at the end of the App is information targeted to your needs that will assist you in:

  • telling you your rights;
  • assisting you as to whether or not you have a claim;
  • giving you real information you can use to take your case further.


Work Right App 


If you are unclear as to what a term means, you will get definitions to help you such as this:


Work Rights App


The Work Rights App  is now to download FREE at the iTunes store So, to Know Your Work RIghts - download the app today!


 Work Rights - 36 Bedford Row Limited